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Greece Politics

GREEK COLUMNS - Did you notice what his policies did for Greece?

GREECE - A shining example of the outcome of debt-based government spending.

COSPIRACY THEORISTS - First rule of undercover police AGITATORS. Don't wear your POLICE ACADENMY issued shoes. Maybe hemp sneakers or Doc Martin's

" THE TOTAL DISGRACE " - You know the economy is bad when... Greeceā€™s government runs out of ink for tax bills.

I CAN SEE GREECE - From the White House

BAILING OUT GREECE - America faced a fiscal crisis in 2011 because of all the spending bills in (2008 - 2009) Obama thought we had enough money to bail out another country halfway around the world. GOOD JOB !

PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS - The world wide plague. Worse than locusts.

WHO'S NEXT? - Some are betting its Greece-afornia

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